Drew Foote, Fundraising Coach

What gets you excited about coaching?

When I was fundraising personally, my favorite part was sharing my story and my passion with others. Now, I get to hear and be a part of other missionary’s stories. I get to see other’s passions and become passionate with them as I coach them along their journey.


What's your #1 tip for gaining new funding partners?

My #1 tip is to understand you're not just “asking for money," but you are inviting a brother or sister to carry the burden God has given you. You're asking them to invest and be a part of the work with you.


Where can we find you on the weekends?

You can usually find me either training in an Aikido or Judo dojo on the weekends! Occasionally, I'll even be at a Judo competition.


Where you have served as a missionary and as a fundraiser?

I've raised funds for and served in Romania, Hong Kong, and mainland China. They were such incredible places with beautiful people that the Father used to teach me hard, but great, lessons.