John Mark Perdue, Fundraising Coach

What gets you excited about coaching?

Seeing people being able to fulfill and get to the field God has called them to.

What's your #1 tip for gaining new funding partners?

Have a clear message that focuses on the impact you hope to have.

Tell us about a time where you helped someone overcome a significant barrier to successful fundraising.

A veteran missionary was home for fundraising. He had been on the field for a number of years and yet had never made a direct ask. He also didn't have the perspective of "partners." He his donors as "supporters." We talked through the difference in perspectives and also the importance of verbally asking people to join his team. It seemed to be a life changing moment in terms of his fundraising.

Where can we find you on the weekends?

I'm usually at home or perhaps at a movie.

Where you have served as a missionary and as a fundraiser?

I have been a campus minister for over 25 years and also served with ELIC in China for almost 10 years.