Kiley Hawkins, Co Founder

What gets you excited about your role?

The opportunity to think creatively and strategically.

What's your #1 tip for organizations to gain new funding partners?

Work as hard as possible until you have a crystal clear message that tells partners how their giving is specifically making a difference.

Tell us about a time where you helped someone (organization) overcome a significant barrier to successful fundraising.

I remember the first time we met with Freedom’s Promise, an organization fighting the human trafficking problem in SE Asia. We met with their board and a few staff and they were at a point where there was so much “noise” in the organization. There was so much work that was putting pressure on everyone, and funding was more and more difficult to find.

So, we met with them for a half day and really focused on clarifying their ministry impact. One of the biggest ways we helped them to do this was by understanding what they didn’t do because there were so many opportunities and so many related things. Once we focused on what specific impact the organization needed to make, and how we were going to begin communicating that focus, the clarity really opened things up. We had more energy, we had more confidence, and it began to pay immediate results. In fact, after experiencing this and fully understanding how Freedom’s Promise could and in fact would make a difference, one of the board members wrote a $10,000 check to help the organization move forward.

Where can we find you on the weekends?

Either watching sports on tv or working outside at the farm or in my garden.

Where you have served as a fundraiser?

I worked for six years at Free Will Baptist International Missions. They are a denominational church planting agency that has existed for over 80 years. I served with them stateside in the development office really learning the techniques of how to develop sustainable partnership.