2 Truths to Becoming Fully Funded

Over the years, while working with organizations, ministries and individuals raising money for missions-based causes, I have found most of them have the mindset they only need more donors to raise the funding they are lacking. Many assume they're underfunded because they don't know enough (or the right) people. But most of the time, it turns out they simply aren’t asking people to give in a way that they can respond honestly and generously.

I'm not certainly not saying to never add more donors to your organization. What I am saying is that finding new donors should not be your first line of attack in your strategy against being underfunded. We need to kill the mindset that you're underfunded because you don't know enough (or the right) people. Starting with these two foundational truths: 

  1. Recognize you may not have communicated your vision in a way that invites everyone you know to respond generously (you can learn how!).

  2. Understand the people who are giving, or who have given in the past, are the ones who are most likely to give again. (In most cases, they are also the ones who are likely to give more -- because they're already invested in your ministry!)

You may think you need more donors, but in all actuality--what you really need is to be doing the right things with the donors you already have.

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Russell Cooper, Co-Founder

As co-founder of Tailored, I am dedicated to developing generosity in the Body of Christ. This is why I'm passionate about creating strategic partnerships with disciple-making organizations, as well as coaching leaders. When I have free time, I'm watching America’s Test Kitchen and trying out new recipes on my wife, my most dependable food critic.

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