3 Secrets to Get Donors to Read Your Emails

If you’re like me, you want everything you write to be opened and read with great interest, the audience hanging on every word. However, in reality, your ministry emails go out and receive a 30% open rate on average -- on a GREAT day! So how do you take your emails from a dismal 5% open rate to a superior 50% open rate?!

1. It’s not all about you.
You need to know your audience. Know your ministry’s purpose and those precious people that are interested enough in your ministry to subscribe to an email list. What do they value? What type of content would cause them to open and read an email from your ministry? If you don’t know, ask them and find out.

This is also where analytics, metrics, and open rate reports will help you focus in on what your audience loves. Which emails got the most open rates? What was the subject line? What was the content? Can you reproduce that in every email you send?

2. Make your title spectacular.
It is crucial to use your title to give your audience enough information about your content in the email that they want to open and read it, while also making it personal. Your audience can’t read your content if they don’t ever open your email. Consider your title the best preview to what’s inside you can possibly give, while keeping it short. Ask a friend to look at your title with you. Would they open your email? If not, it’s time to try again.

3. Make it all about you.
Didn’t I already say that it’s not about you? I did. But let me explain the word, “you.” There is great power in the word “you,” it communicates a personal touch, as well as interest in the person reading it. Writing an email and including “you” allows you, as the missionary, to connect your stories with your donors.

When you make these three simple changes on your organization’s update email, it will put you on the right track to greater open rate success, and you will give your ministry a chance to truly communicate with your most valued donors.

Jodie Coher, Communication Specialist


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