One Easy Change To Revolutionize Your Communication

“You” is a powerful word. Are you harnessing its ability to garner interest for your ministry? You should be. Salesmen all around you use this method every day, “You need this. You can take this home today.” While we are not trying to push a product on someone they simply don’t need, there is a principle here you should be taking advantage of using. The principle is directly connecting your donors to your ministry impact by using direct language.

It only requires a small evaluation of your current donor communication to determine whether or not you are maximizing this little word. Are your communication headlines and content using verbiage that includes “you”, meaning the donor?

Why should you make this change? Because you should be willing to admit that without your donors, your ministry would not be able to thrive, share the Gospel with clarity and strength, or give to people in need; really, your ministry would not be able to do anything you do without your donors. Are you including them in the way you communicate your passion, as well as, the impact you are all having together?

The first step is to change the way you word things – beginning with including your donor. Talk to them personally, use “you.”

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