How Your Donors Are Really Your Partners in Ministry

Do you believe your donors have any real part in your ministry?

Do you believe your donors are an integral part of your ministry’s mission?

Do you communicate in a way the donor can understand the ministry objectives and feel connected to the impact taking place?

Have you recently thanked your donors in a personal way?


If you answered a big, fat NO to each of these questions, then you may not value your donors as much as you thought.

Your Donors Are An Integral Part of Your Ministry

Recognize that you would not exist without them; these are the people God sent to partner with you in your ministry. You did not appear on the mission field all by yourself, there is a team of people that are willing to pray for you, financially partner with you, and even invite others to partner with you as well. Your donors are an integral part of your ministry, do you communicate that value to them?

Your Donors Have Impact As Your Partners

These are people who can get excited about the mission of your ministry, just like you. Connecting them as closely as possible with the ways your ministry is changing the world will only get them more excited about your ministry. And do you know what their excitement will likely translate into? That’s right -- more prayer, more giving, more connections to other potential donors, involvement in day to day ministry -- the possibilities are endless! It is essential for your ministry’s health to connect your donors as closely as possible with the ministry’s impact. Are you thinking of your donors as ministry partners with you?

Your ministry partner relationships are key in impacting this world for change; they are an integral, necessary and life-giving part of your ministry. Communicate this every time you interact with a partner and you’ll gain a relationship for life.


Jodie Coher, Communication Specialist

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