Develop Your Financial Partnership: 101

If you have read through our Missionary’s Guide to Meeting with Financial Partners, then you understand the basics of your relationship with your financial partners. But what if you want to meet with a financial partner without asking them for money? What can you do?

Here are a few talking points you can remember anytime you need to get the conversation started.

Say Thank You

This is your partner in ministry and they have made an impact in the world by being involved in ministry with you. Your attitude, your words, and your conversation should ooze thankfulness. Without this person in your life, this ministry has the potential to dry up before it even begins. You can thank them for their involvement; you can thank them for their interest and passion about your field of ministry. You can thank them for spending time with you; you can thank them for praying for you.

All of these are worthy investments of this person’s time and attention. If they are actively praying for you, this partner is making eternal investments in the ministry. It’s hard to think of a greater, more significant investment than that. Be sure you thank them for all of their time and service to minister with you.

Show the Impact

If your partner is truly invested in your ministry and interested in the impact you are making together, then they will enjoy hearing about the impact made in people’s lives as much as you enjoy telling them about it. Show them a picture or a video of a person and tell them how God is moving in their life. This picture or video doesn’t have to be professional grade to make an impact on your partner, just the story of a life impacted will increase their understanding of the difference being made together.

Update on the Progress In Ministry

Maybe the last few months of ministry haven’t been as victorious or “successful” as you had hoped. Anyone who has been involved with ministry understands that building relationships takes time. Your ministry partners don’t expect you to do the impossible, but they do want to hear about your time, your struggles, and your ministry as it truly stands. This gives your partner an opportunity to encourage you.

Real ministry stories also give your financial partner an opportunity to see the real work that goes on in hard mission fields. Your responsibility is to faithfully share the hope of Jesus Christ with people; it is the Lord’s job to effect miraculous change in people’s hearts. Talk to your financial partner about the hard things that are still in progress in your ministry. This shows that your ministry partnership in that field is still needed.

Spend Time Together

Just like any other relationship, time spent together is time well spent. Be sure to engage your financial partner in conversation about their own lives. As you have been working hard on your mission field, God has been doing a work in their lives as well. Listen to what God has been doing in their lives so that you can deepen the ministry partnership you began. You may even have an opportunity to speak hope into their lives as well. Your ministry is not limited only to your field of service, but encompasses every relationship of your life. You are a minister of the gospel to anyone you maintain relationships with in this life.

These are only a few of the many ways you can build a stronger relationship with a financial partner. Continue what you began by being a faithful steward of a critical relationship in your life and ministry.


Jodie Coher, Communication Specialist

With a passion for discipleship, it’s a true joy for my writing to be a small part of sending others to the mission field. I also enjoy interacting on social media and spending time with my small family in Missouri.

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