Raising Your Own Monthly Support

Since monthly support raising is one of the most common challenges addressed in our hundreds of hours coaching, we’re going to devote the next two weeks to it. We dug deep, polled our coaches, consulted our best resources, and gathered the best of the best tips. Starting with the big challenges often faced, let’s get to those ideas you can implement today to increase monthly support!


You may be on the field and feeling the weight of monthly support that needs to be coming in from your financial partnership team. Those checks feel like heavy weights that constantly lay on your shoulders. Or, you may be leading a team of staff that are challenged to raise monthly support and you feel the weight of their burden because if the money doesn’t come in, who will do the work of the ministry? It might feel like weight, suspended on swirling plates above your head -  constantly on your mind.

You need a solution, or some direction. What’s the most effective way to engage in monthly support fundraising and financial partnership? While our coaches offer the most helpful services through personalized solutions for your specific needs, here are some thoughts.

Invest Your Time Monthly

This relationship will allow your monthly financial partnership to become a highlight throughout your time on the field. So, developing relationship takes time. As a missionary, you spend time with people in order to engage them in the gospel and a relationship with God.

Take that same principle and extend it to your financial partnership team. They are also part of your ministry. Set aside time to get to update them and cultivate the relationship you’ve already begun.


Show the Impact From the Beginning

Monthly financial partnership that’s invested in a significant part of impacting another person will be money that’s given easily every month. When you ask for funding, are you being specific?

Are you really laying out clearly what their money is going to accomplish? Have you thought about it for yourself? If someone gives you $100 a month, what kind of impact could that have in your ministry? Did you tell your potential funding partner that information?

That sounds great, but you don’t know where to start? Click here to request a free exploratory call with a fundraising coach.

There's also some concerns specific to those of you leading an organization funded by financial partners. What’s the most effective way to engage in monthly financial partnership for organizations?


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