Your Quick List: Write An Effective Newsletter

One of the most basic and traditional parts of your life in the fundraising world is your newsletter. And since you send one out so often, let’s make sure it’s the best one possible! Here’s the top tips you need to know to create an effective newsletter.

1 - Say thanks -- again

There is not a time when a person says that they have been thanked too many times. Thank your financial partners every time you have contact with them. It just doesn’t get old. Read three secrets to saying thanks.

2 - Use language that connects your financial partners to the impact

This may be the most important tip of them all. Talk about the ways your financial partners are having a direct impact on the people (or person) highlighted in your letter. This would easy to do when you tell a particular story -- see tip #3.

3 - Tell a story through each newsletter

This should be a stand alone story, so that whenever someone joins your financial partnership team or your newsletter list, they know the impact being made. Keep this story short enough to skim over if someone was really distracted while they were trying to read.

And be sure to have a clear main idea in your story. Don’t just type on and on about the times you’ve spent time with this person, be concise enough to share the real impact that’s been had on another’s life. Think you don't have an amazing story to tell? You might be surprised, because your daily life could be your next donor update.

Bonus Tip from our team this week: 

4 - Pictures are worth more than you know

Be sure to include pictures in your newsletter. This may seem obvious, but up-close pictures of those whose lives are changing is a simple way to connect your financial partners with someone they may never meet in person.

Continue keeping your financial partners up to date as often as you can. It will pay off for you in the end. Do you want to create an effortless weekly update in 10 minutes? Click here to read those short tips.


Jodie Coher, Communication Specialist

With a passion for discipleship, it’s a true joy for my writing to be a small part of sending others to the mission field. I also enjoy interacting on social media and spending time with my small family in Missouri.

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