Warning! Are You Wrecking Your Fundraising?

Let’s get really honest here; when you think about fundraising, what are the types of thoughts that pop into your head?

Fear, anxiety, and negative thoughts? Passionate, expectant, and positive thoughts? Both? If you’re like most of us, and fundraising seems scary, let’s attack it head on and begin moving forward with boldness. Do you believe that God is a God of abundance? If you are in Christ and called by Him, then He has the partnership team already lined up with exactly the funds you need, as well as an abundance of partners and funds.

It’s so easy for us to get stuck in a scarcity mentality. Have you ever experienced these thoughts? “I don’t know enough people. Nobody has any money. I don’t have enough time. I don’t have the energy.” Sometimes these things are true, but most of the time they are lies that keep us paralyzed with fear. If you are in Christ, you can be continually learning to be motivated by faith. This is a paradigm shift, a new way of thinking, and we can apply it to fundraising.

Practically, what does it look like to be motivated by faith?

  1. You have joy in the process because you trust that God will provide.

  2. You don’t limit your network to just those who you think might give, but you give everyone you know an opportunity to be a part of this ministry. (After all, it’s not your ministry, it’s God’s! He can call anyone to be a part of it.)

  3. You realize it’s not about you. Asking people to support you should change into inviting people to worship God through their giving, and have a personal role in impacting the nations. What an opportunity! Don’t deprive people of that blessing.

  4. You make the time. We’re all busy, but when God puts a fire in you to reach the nations, it shows by your motivation to do the work and not make excuses.

  5. You're filled with boldness that doesn’t come from confidence in yourself, but confidence in God.

Does this seem like pie in the sky? Or maybe this was written by someone who doesn’t really understand your issues? Perhaps those are just the lies you’re believing so you don’t have to change; think about it.

At Tailored, we have coaches who have fundraised for families for years -- stateside and overseas. We have coaches who are currently fundraising for things in their communities they are passionate about. We have fundraising coaches that have worked with dozens of individuals and families. They have seen it all and know the power of having a coach, a cheerleader, a motivator, and an encourager. If blogs and books aren’t cutting it - contact us.


Jenny Karr, Fundraising Coach

My mission is to train, equip, and support people in ministry. As the Director of Training and Coaching Services, I get to do all of those things in one role! When I’m not coaching, training, or writing blogs, I’m enjoying time at home or in the city with my husband, daughter, and friends here in Nashville, TN.

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