Your Daily Life Can Be Your Next Ministry Update

Your Daily Life Can Be Your Next Ministry Update

Keeping your donors updated doesn’t have to take a lot of time.  And it doesn’t have to be focused on a major event or milestone.  Just a few minutes of sharing everyday life can draw your donors into a deeper ministry partnership with you.


Now, to recap the video, here's what to include:

  1. What does life look like around you?  Chances are, you are in a location where your donor has never been.  Show them daily life: where you get food, the local parks or fields, a restaurant, a school, your living room.  They will love to have a visual picture in their head when they pray for you.

  2. Who do you spend time with?  As long as you have their permission, take photos with your friends, coworkers, neighbors, children, and others you connect with on a daily basis.  If anyone you are actively leading to Christ is willing, share their story and picture.

  3. What’s holding you back? Share a challenge, a need, a question, or a puzzling issue you’re facing in your ministry or in daily life on the ground.  It gives people ideas of what to pray for and reinforces the fact that they are on your team.

With prayerful thought before and after, you can have an update ready in under 30 minutes.  Make sure to update your social media on a regular basis and let your donors know what God is doing!

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