Connect with Donors Before Leaving on a Mission Trip? Yes!

When you are planning to leave for a short or long-term mission trip, it can be easy to come up with a long list of things you need to do before you go. (And making the time to connect with your donors may not even be on this list.)

It’s rare that we plan time to connect with our financial partners before leaving for an extended period of time, but these opportunities are extremely important (and vital to your on-going partnership with donors).

When the to-do list starts getting longer and longer (and your time is getting shorter and shorter) that is usually when “things” start to take first place on our priority list.

But as fundraisers, our donors and partnerships should always be our first priority. When they aren’t—you will lose focus of the impact you and your donors are making, together.

So, be intentional about your time. Before you leave, take a moment to write out and answer these 3 vital questions (You can add them right to the top of your mile-long to-do list):

1. Who are the people you want to connect with before you leave?

2. How do you want to connect with them?

3. When do you need to connect with each person?

Connecting with your donors and partners before you leave for a trip might seem like the worst time to get together, but it is actually the best. Why? Because you are preparing for ministry and the needs you can share with them are going to be current and immediate. Plus, you taking the time to meet with them at a time when they know you are busy will show them that they are a significant part of what you are doing together.

Lastly, make it special! You can do this in several ways: Take a little time to write a handwritten thank you note with things you appreciate about this person, what they have taught you, and what you are praying for them. Give them a special gift as a reminder to pray for you and the ministry.

More than anything, be intentional. Make connections that matter. And leave well. Your donors and partners are the reason we are able to do ministry and they should always be prioritized above everything else on our list!

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