Speaking in Front of Groups? Here’s how to get more newsletter sign-ups.

Speaking in front of groups is a great way to gather new contacts, if you do it the right way.

And what is the best way to gather that contact information?

Not through a clipboard sign-up list.

Generating a clipboard sign-up list for our newsletters and monthly emails is surprisingly still very common. Unfortunately, it’s not as effective as it used to be.

Nowadays, people are busy. And let's face it… kinda lazy. We are all accustomed to things being easy, convenient, and at our fingertips.

Signing-up for a newsletter list or joining a partnership team should be no different if we are expecting a generous response.

We want to lower obstacles when getting people involved in our ministry. So, the next time you are speaking in front of a group––don’t go without this one thing:

A simple tool called a response card.

A response card can be printed or digital and has a place for someone to write their name, home address, email, and phone number with a list of interest checkbox options like the following:

1. I'm interested in joining your financial partnership team.

2. I'm interested in joining your prayer team.

3. I'm interested in being on your newsletter list.

4. I'm not interested at this time.

Now, the last checkbox option might seem odd, but it's key! Allowing individuals to honestly answer about their level of interest ensures that every person in the group will submit a card (and it lets you know exactly what they are interested in!).

Response cards work in every setting—even in a large group, because you can place the cards casually on each chair.

But no matter the setting, take the time to walk everyone through filling out the card. Make it as easy as possible for them to turn the cards in from where they are sitting by placing them in the offering plate, passing it to the end of the aisle, or having someone walk around to collect them.

The moment you add even the tiniest obstacle to returning the card like, “Place it in the basket on the way out,” or “Fill this out when you get home,” you will lose a significant percentage of potential donors.

Keep the ball in your court at all times because fundraising is your job, not theirs!

For other ideas to grow your newsletter list, connect with a Tailored team member today!

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