How to Reach a Millennial Donor Base

A veteran missionary and I had an interesting conversation this week about how changing his marketing strategy to attract Millennials resulted in an increase of $30,000-$40,000 in donations each year.


Several years ago, he realized that his partnership team was comprised of people who were retiring with a limited budget or going to be with the Lord. He was aware that he needed to reach out to a younger donor base if he was going to pass on the legacy of his ministry.

As he studied this young generation called Millennials, he discovered a few key things that made a world of difference:

1. Make it Easy to Give. Giving should always be made easy, but it should be made especially easy if you want to attract a younger generation. Most Millennials will have a harder time giving on a monthly basis, compared to an older generation, likely to give faithfully each month for years. You need to design your marketing strategy in a way that makes it easy for them to give (and keep giving). Count the number of steps it takes to give to your organization—it shouldn’t be more than 1, 2, 3!

2. Challenge Them to Commit. Millennials are known for their passion and devotion to philanthropic and humanitarian efforts across the globe. This generation will dish out double (if not triple) for a cup of coffee or a pair of shoes, if they know the money they are spending is going to a good cause or helping someone in need. However, they are also known for their lack of commitment. Challenge your younger donor base to give twice a year with a 5-10 year commitment on specific projects they would be interested in like clean water, food for the hungry, or other cause-specific impact stories.

3. Share the Stories of Impact. It’s important to explain how your donor is connected to the impact your ministry is making all over the world—especially if you want to attract a younger donor base. Include powerful stories of cross-cultural missionaries going into countries where American missionaries have no access. Tell about how, because of the gifts received, you were able to rescue a young girl from human trafficking. Share about how your organization was able to provide food and water for a family in need without any hope. Post on social media about a child who was able to go to school because of the gifts given to your ministry.


As a ministry or organization, it would be wise to begin planning how to expand your donor base by including a marketing strategy to reach a younger generation. With help on this topic or others,connect with a member of our Tailored Fundraising Solutions team today!

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