A Time of Transition

Transition is never easy, but when the Lord provides that transition it’s hard to deny His sovereignty.

Russell Cooper is a staple at Tailored Fundraising Solutions, and has been since its inception. And as a founder whose primary role has been to engage with people that need our fundraising services, he was probably your first contact at Tailored Fundraising. He is often the first person from our team to greet you at a conference, send you an email, or call you up and ask about your vision and current impact.

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This month Russell is taking on a new role with Tailored, as Chief Ambassador his role won’t seem all that different to most people. He’s still spending time building the family, growing relationships, and speaking at conferences. He’ll still feel like a friend to those of you engaged with Tailored Fundraising on a regular basis.

As a part of his transition to a new role he is also accepting a new position at a great organization called Jews for Jesus. He pushed back against this role when the Lord first opened the door this fall, but God had other plans. And as time went along, we as a team not only saw God open one door for Russell and close countless others, but we were also reminded that Tailored Fundraising is actually the Lord’s and not ours. When we tried to put up roadblocks (because we love Russell) the Lord removed them gently. We may make plans as men, but he defines our steps.

Jews for Jesus is a solid organization and we are glad to see Russell move into a more effective role that can impact their organization in tremendous ways.

For our team, Russell has been a pillar of wisdom and fortitude, carrying us through years of growth and startup process. So his new transition will adjust how we are able to handle things organizationally, but we are thankful that Russell is not only able to move into a role as Chief Ambassador that suits him better, but also allows our team to build into new verticals.

The final piece of this new season for Tailored Fundraising is day-to-day management of new client relationships. For that we are proud to hire a new team member, Charlie Lewis, to take on the role as Head of Business Development. We have also on-boarded a couple of new team members to assist him in his departments growth.

Sometimes life just happens, company’s change, roles change, and people need to move into new roles. But as is often the case with human flourishing companies, God provides a way where others just see happenstance.

We are excited for this transition, and confident in the Lord to continue to guide us in His will moving forward.

Looking forward to serving you in 2019!

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