Cut out Comparing Yourself

A lack of belief in your purpose can come from comparing your fundraising journey with others around you. Don’t give in to it! You are beautifully, wonderfully, and uniquely made, just like your project. What you’re working toward is just as valuable as what the next person is pursuing, but you can’t let what they have now discourage you from what you will obtain in the future. You never know how God is going to work in your favor, but you have to trust His timing. It never fails!

For instance, once there was a woman who found herself in a similar situation of comparison and doubt. She felt convicted about it and repented. A few days later, God provided $25K through a friend who advocated for her with his business partner, whom she had never met. One month later, this new partner fully funded her out of his own obedience to God. Amazing, right?

Doubting ourselves because of comparison happens from time to time, but we have to realize that God is at work in all parts of the situation. He owns everything and He will direct His people to give. His people will listen. Even though it might not be easy for them to give or for you to wait, it always works out for each party.

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