You Got This!

Are you finding it hard to memorize your presentation? Do you feel bad that you may need to rely on note cards or prompts to help make your message clear? If so, it’s ok!

If fundraising is new for you, adjusting to all that it requires may feel tough. And although there may be feelings of frustration now with presenting your message in a polished and prepared way, remember you are more than capable. Your vision has been given specifically to you on purpose, meaning you will figure out exactly how to prepare and present your message in the best way possible. God has called you to this mission, and nothing in His plans for you is designed for you to fail.

Here are some helpful thoughts for moving forward:

  • Remember that fundraising is as much of your job as strategic planning, preparing invoices and calling on clients.

  • Fundraising is not something you have to add on to your other responsibilities - it is an equally important part of your total responsibility.

  • God has called you to this business venture which includes fundraising, so it is clear He has called you to fundraise as well.

  • Prepare for fundraising presentations as you would for any sales call or meeting.

  • People don't expect you to show up for a business meeting with everything memorized, why should this be any different?

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