Asking for Generous Responses

Getting a generous response is all about helping donors understand how their giving makes a difference. A lot of donors feel as though their money is going into a dark abyss of nowhere when they give. When they make a donation, we want them to know that there is a specific vision we are accomplishing together. Communicating clearly with your donors when the vision or goal has been achieved will build trust and encourage more generosity in the future.

It’s important to come to the reality that asking for a generous response from others for your ministry or cause is not a selfish endeavor.

Asking for a generous response is about inviting someone else to experience the blessings of investing in God’s Kingdom.

Inviting others to respond generously is a way of discipling others in the grace of giving. When you are stewarding God's resources, you are using those resources to glorify Him and to accomplish what He wants you to do with them.

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The Communication Progression

Generosity is Biblical