Ask For More

Invite those who give monthly to consider increasing their monthly giving amount. It would be easy to overlook current partners and say, “I can’t ask them to do more, they're already doing enough!” But if anyone is dedicated to seeing your ministry succeed, it’s those who have been giving for a long time.

Why do you think you feel as though you cannot ask your most faithful givers to give more? It is likely because you feel as though you are taking something from them. However, in order to reap the greatest benefits for both you and your donor, you will need to shift your mindset to knowing you are giving something to them, not taking something from them.

We aren't frustrated when we have to work 50 hours a week because the ministry is booming. We're excited. In the same way, a donor who understands their purpose in the ministry can say, "I get to give more and see more impact because of my gift." But it is your job as the organization to clarify what that impact is for them.

Sustain Motivation Behind the Giving 

The main reason ministries often ask partners to increase their giving would be because their expenses have gone up or overall giving has decreased. But those reasons are likely not the reasons that would motivate donors to give substantially. You should never ask people to increase their giving simply because you can't meet your budget or finances are dwindling. Rather, shift your mindset to the reason you started your ministry in the first place. Your mission and vision are the sole reason individuals want to partner with your organization and give to you. Use your vision and mission to proactively raise funds, rather than reactively raising funds on a needs-driven basis.

Asking donors to increase their giving can often be easier when you are saying something like, "There is so much we want to achieve this coming year! And we are inviting 20 of our faithful monthly givers to increase, so that together, we can…"

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