Stop Asking People to Give You Money

What makes asking for money easier is when you stop asking for money for yourself, and start asking for the people whose lives you hope to impact. It is understandable that some of the money coming into the ministry is going to go to your salary, your house payment, your electric bill, and other earthly needs directly affecting you. However, you are not paying yourself for your own sake. When I tell people who are raising money for a ministry or cause to stop asking people to give them money, I mean it!

You don’t raise money the same way you spend money. You don’t raise money for expenses, you raise money for impact! It’s fine to raise money for something specific like a clean water well project, for school books for children in need, or even for the rising costs of inflation--but keep in mind, those are not the main reasons you are raising money.

In many cases, I’ve found people will give more generously to the WHY of the ministry than they will to the details of the WHAT. Think about what those expenses are actually funding and what life transformation and impact will come from the money raised. So many people get this concept confused. As a ministry, you need funding for yourself, so you can cause impact in someone else’s life. For example, if you are teaching children English in India, giving clean water to those without, feeding the hungry, or clothing the poor, then you are not asking for money for yourself. You are asking for funding so you can carry out the calling Jesus gave to all believers!

A good financial ask is not about the money. A good ask is all about what we can accomplish together in another’s life.

If asking for funding is difficult for you, then stop asking for yourself. Instead, ask for the child you are helping learn English in India. Ask for the the little girl who is trapped in human trafficking in Cambodia. Ask for the family without clean water in Africa. Ask for the widow who doesn't have the means to make it on her own. Imagine standing next to someone who does not know Christ and saying to them, "I'm sorry I can't tell you about Jesus because I was too scared to ask somebody to financially partner with me in order to get me to this place." When you can free up your mind and heart to ask, "Would you share the gospel with us in Laos by partnering with us financially?" then you are no longer asking for yourself, you are asking for the cause.

Asking for money is not about you when it has to do with Kingdom work.

A good financial ask is not about the money. A good ask is all about what we can accomplish together in another’s life.

True partnership does not mean you are asking people to give you money so you can go do something good. Partnership is saying, "Let's join resources so we can impact the people in this world together." That is what asking is all about.

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