Connecting With Millennials

After serving time abroad, many veteran missionaries come home to discover their primary donors are advancing in age and no longer able to be their main donors. Although this is a hard transition, the solution is simple: start connecting with millennials.

The millennial generation has been highlighted as being extremely cause oriented and very global. Instead of just going about things haphazardly , millennials are looking for ways to make a change that they perceive will fix a world with "broken institutions, extreme poverty, and overwhelming problems".

Today, veteran missionaries are actively looking for new ways to find younger partners of the millennial generation. However, despite desiring their involvement, sometimes veteran missionaries are not always sure how to connect with millennials to join their team.

If you find yourself relating to this, don’t stress. Here are four tips to help you connect with a potential younger donor base.

  1. Tell a story about an individual. Stories, more than facts catch the attention of millennials.

  2. Invite them to short term ministry opportunities. Once they see the impact of their giving, they'll be more open to commit giving for another 6 months or a year.

  3. Keep them involved with the ministry via social media. If they're following your posts, it means they're interested.

  4. Making giving easy with a simple "click". Use simple link to encourage them to give straight from their phone.

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