Tips for Missionaries

Have you ever told your friend about your mission and had them respond with a glassy-eyed stare? If so, then here are some suggestions to help you know how to use clearer language.

Instead of using common language, you may use “in house” Christian lingo that the average working person can’t relate to. Not knowing how to relay what you do can derail others from partnering with you financially. Because of this, being able to clearly articulate what you do and how it helps others is instrumental in making sure your next project can be funded. Next time you find yourself stuck for words, first, remember why you started missionary work, and then break that down into a simple sentence: “I do this because ____.” Remembering why you have a passion for what you do and knowing how to express that is the best way to build a committed partnership.

We know that missionary work comes with its fair share of obstacles, but we’re here to confirm that you’re not alone.

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