10 Minute Windows

We’re often told that we all have the same twenty-four hours to get things done. Despite how this phrase can be attributed to everything, fundraising is often seen as an all-or-nothing task. Some people think that fundraising either consumes their twenty-four hours or it’s not being done at all. There is no in-between.

Sometimes clients can unknowingly approach fundraising this way. They are either full steam ahead, all time or not at all. Instead of making small amounts of time work in their favor, they wait until they can carve out a week or two to dedicate toward it.

Using this approach, people tend to fall through the cracks. They can be so distracted with ministry that they don't follow up until they have time. If this sounds familiar, there is an easy fix. First, let’s step back and analyze how you may use your time during those random 10 minute blocks between activities. Are you looking at your phone, checking FB, reading email or catching up on the news? Next, consider what you could get done in those 10 minutes if you weren’t partaking in those activities.

Sometimes we forget that every moment can be productive, but a quick self assessment can help us make progress in even the smallest of ways. Next time you find yourself having a free ten minutes, consider contacting others via phone calls, texts, or emails. You could be taking photos/videos to send to partners, and anything else that will help to maintain consist relationships .

Yes, fundraising does require your time and attention, but small things can be done in productive 10 minute windows as well. For example, instead of waiting to do it all at once, my client is going to print the list of people he needs to follow up with and have it with him at all times. By having his list in front of him, he’s not looking at his phone during those 10 minute windows, but instead, he’s fundraising, making calls to potential partners, intentionally looking for ways to connect new partners, or asking them to pray.

What fundraising activities can you accomplish in 10 minutes?

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