Donor Relationships 101

Have you ever had a potential donor avoid you? We know that the feeling is not sweet at all. Often times, it’s down right uncomfortable. If this happens to you, don’t take it personally. Instead of feeling awkward, take the initiative to get to know them better and find out about their passions or burdens for ministry. After you’ve conducted an adamant amount of research, set up a 15 minute meeting where you share your passions and goals for your mission, while relating it to theirs.

When it comes to establishing a relationship with donors, think of it like a pendulum, where building a relationship is on one side, and asking for money is on the other. Which side weighs the heaviest? What can you do to balance both of the dynamics so people know you care about them, and are willing to ask them to give to a worthy cause?

Check out this quick list of dos and don’ts to make sure you stay in good standing with potential donors.

  1. Don’t jump into "your message" before building a relationship.

  2. Do uncover a need or a burden that they are passionate about and tie it into the need your ministry is addressing.

  3. Don’t come across desperate instead of confident.

  4. Do communicate that you value their time.

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