Don't Dim Your Lights

Imagine this: There is a woman who owns a large private art gallery.  At the beginning of each month, artwork is delivered to the gallery.  As she unwraps each painting, her excitement builds as she experiences the art that will give life to the gallery over the next month.  After carefully opening every item, she arranges and rearranges each piece to be displayed with the most power.  The next day, a team of hangers comes and affixes them to the walls.  The final step is for each painting to be properly lit. 

Once lit, she stands across the street at night, looking into the huge gallery windows, taking in the beauty. But then, she does something that seemingly undoes all of her hard work.  She hits the light switch, plunging the gallery, and the paintings into darkness. Unless she turns on the light and invites people in, no-one else will be able to experience the magnificence of the artistry.

Does this sound familiar? More often than not, this scenario is similar to the fundraising process. We spend weeks working and reworking our messaging pieces so that our potential partners can clearly see the people we are serving.  We write stories that paint pictures of the depth of the needs they have and stories that illustrate the impact God is having in their lives.  The final product is a beautiful work of art that illuminates the overall story of God’s work of love and redemption.

Despite the beauty of the work, we often turn the lights out before our potential partners are able to see and experience the splendor of the picture. Compelled by our own fears and insecurities, we “cut the lights” before we invite people to respond to the brushstrokes that we so intentionally painted.

When we don’t invite people to respond in partnership, it’s as if we don’t really see or understand the stunning beauty of God’s artwork in others and ourselves. The problem lies with us. We are convinced of God’s calling in our lives, yet succumbing to the lies of the enemy, we extinguish the lights in our galleries far too soon. 

What about you? Will you live in boldness today, leaving the lights on as you invite people to experience the living, glorious gallery of artwork He’s called both you and your partners to see? Don’t dim the lights! You’re working with something amazing that others need to see.

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