Have Faith in the Mission

We’ve all been there before. We have an idea and we’re more than ready to pursue it, but in some aspects, it seems very far fetched. Who would want to invest in this? Will other people see my vision? In these situations, it’s safe to say that we do not give other people enough credit. The only way that you will find success is if you act towards achieving it.

I have a client who has been raising funds for a month, and four times the same series of events has happened to him. This particular client does international ministry work, something that can be seen as unfamiliar and risky territory. Despite the possibility of rejection, this client has proceeded to do whatever necessary to maintain his initial mission. Per usual, he sends a prospective group an intro letter, and then makes a call to see if they are interested in meeting with him to hear about how God is working in Germany. After he asks, each group of people have said the same thing, and it isn’t “no.” Rather they say, "How cool! We have been feeling led by God to give to missions, but we didn't know where to give or how, and now God has sent you to us!"

That may seem like a coincidence, but I see it more as purpose being fulfilled. Everyone’s prospective purpose has a place, and despite the possibility of rejection, you should always act on any ideas that you feel called to do. Instead of fearing a negative outcome, work steadfastly in your journey because you never know how things may work in your favor. Believe it or not, God is always at work in people's hearts. He has your team out there- you just need to do your part to find them, because he who calls is faithful.

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