The Essential Fundraising Tool

Fundraising is like building a home. It’s not done over night, and it requires a plethora of things to be done correctly and admirably. To really get the job done, you need the right tools to change your vision into a project brought to fruition! Instead of having screws and a hammer, in your toolbelt you may have things like a strong call, a clear vision, a strategy for impact, a list of names, and a plan to engage. Despite how useful these tools are, there is one that is the most essential of them all. It's a small, and hidden tool, but it can make the greatest difference in your fundraising efforts. What is it, you ask? It’s none other than the tool of persistent prayer!

Ephesians 6:10 -18 lists all the weapons that a good soldier of Christ used to fight in the spiritual realm. The scriptures list critical essentials, but the last weapon is one of the most powerful - prayer! It says, "With all prayer and petition pray at all times in the Spirit." You may be familiar with this in your spiritual journey, but how does this work out on a practical level? It’s actually more simple than it may seem. When you start your day, ask God to lead you to people who would want to hear about the mission. Pray when you make a phone call, send an email to follow up after the meeting. Pray about each person and the conversation you’ve had. Ask that "God would touch their hearts and give them a desire to give to the work of His kingdom." After you’ve asked, trust God to make it happen. Watch how God opens doors and hearts!

If you need visual manifestation to accompany your prayer, try this great idea we learned from a client. Take a package of popsicle sticks and write the name of each of your ministry partners on them. Once you’ve done that, put the popsicle sticks in a jar. At a certain time during the day, whether it be before breakfast or dinner, pull out a name and pray for a partner. This way you can physically connect to the prayer that you are sending. As a daily tool, prayer not only opens doors, but it also keeps your heart focused on ministering to others, which is the key to partnership!

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