The Power of Storytelling

When creating a presentation for a fundraising meeting, we like to have clients write three different stories: a calling story, a need story, and an impact story. These stories are essential to bringing the potential partner along with us as we invite them to feel what we have felt. Believe it or not, stories are more important than we give them credit for. They shape essential aspects of our day-to-day lives, and the art of making them can change how we see the world. When you think about it, storytelling is the closest thing to magic in real life. With good storytelling you can transport a person to another time, to another place, and put them in the shoes of a completely different person.

Being able to do tell stories effectively can be monumental for anything that you are using it to pursue. The stories we tell are powerful because they help the listener understand a new perspective with their heart and soul. The three specific stories also answer 3 important questions. The calling story helps us feel the answer to "Why me?" The need story helps them feel the answer to "Why them?", and the impact story helps the potential partner feel moved to understand "Why this?" These are essentially the three biggest questions, and once they are answered, you can officially get the ball rolling on your next fundraising project. With the right storytelling, the answers transform from just words to actual people, resonating with their soul.

Have Faith in the Mission

Always Be Clear