What Compels You?

We have said it before that the key to having a healthy, engaged partnership with donors is to continually express your gratitude and connect them to how their donations are making a difference in the lives of those you serve together.

While that is true, how often do we, as missionaries, hear how God is making a difference in our partners’ lives? How well do we really know them? Do we know how specifically to pray for them, and more importantly, do we pray for them?

Paul’s example in the opening chapter of Philippians has really challenged and shaped the way I view and involve my partners.

He mentions praying for them, affectionately longing for them, holding them in his heart, pointing them to Christ, etc.

I have to be honest; it convicted the heck out of me. I had never even met some of my partners let alone prayed for them. Sure, maybe I prayed in a general way for them, but what did I really know about what was going on in their lives? As I thought about ways to deepen my relationships with them, God began laying questions on my heart to ask them.

What compels you about this work? What resonates with you?

So the next time you are talking with your partners, think about engaging with these questions and finding ways to pray & encourage them in return.

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