Inclusive Fundraising: Using the Right Words

When going over an invitation to partner with a client, I noticed that the invitation used a lot of heavy possessive language like "my ministry, and our ministry" when the client was referring to their organization. As I read the invitation, I saw that the words were creating a specific type of message. By using that type possessive language, the message was indirectly creating exclusion. If it's my ministry then it can't be your ministry.

In fundraising we want to create a partnership culture where the people that are giving feel included in the ministry! When using possessive language, it can potentially make it hard for the partner to feel they share ownership. So what is the solution? Use possessive neutral language like "this ministry". A simple word substitute can make your mission feel more inclusive and lets the partner take more ownership over their contribution.

Our language plays a huge role in the culture we create for our partnership team. It plays a huge role in the identity our partners create for themselves in relationship to the ministry. If you want them to engage more and take more ownership look at the words you are using. Saturate your language with inclusive words.

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