Simple is Attractive

Consider me as an intrigued, yet uninformed stranger with a minimal attention span. There's a good chance that if I asked you to share your ministry with me, you would share about 50-75% more than you need to and, in the process, lose my interest. What do you do?

It all falls back to one thing: keeping it simple. A partnership meeting can have a pretty different outcome when you think through what to say. Not only can having a thoughtful presentation make a difference, but having actually thought through what you want to say can build confidence. And when you share your passion in a confident way while clearly connecting your partner to the impact, it's easier and more exciting to listen to. It also makes it easier to see exactly what kind of difference can be made together through this potential partnership.

We're in a world where simplification is becoming more and more attractive. Simplify your message, share only the essentials, and practice, practice, practice. The more time put into making sure your message resonates both quickly and adamantly, the better your results can be.

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