Pick Up the Phone and Dial

Hey everybody Abe Lara here with Tailored Fundraising and I've got a tip for you, from not my coaching days but from when I was actually fundraising and raising funds for the ministry my wife and I were involved in. And it goes something like this. I you know you've got those times that you've got to make phone calls and set up appointments, but you just gotta work some things out.

You've got to research a little more, you're trying to learn a better technique or maybe you go on Facebook because you want to learn a little bit about the person that you're going to call to have some small talk conversation. And then you jumped over to their Instagram to make sure there's not anything different there and before you know you've wasted an hour on social media or reading a book or listening to a podcast or trying to to learn how to do the mechanics of fundraising better.

I ended up getting to a point where I realize this is not helping me. So what I did I just created this on the fly but I created something like this. Hopefully you can see it. It's a wallpaper that says oh turned off here. It says Stop procrastinating pick up the phone and dial and I just had that on my my phone like for the longest time. So every time I picked it up I'd stare at it and say "stop procrastinating, pick up the phone and dial." And that's what you've got to do sometimes. Yes. God's going to be in it. He's going to provide people to you. He's going to preparing their hearts already. But it's a numbers game. You've got to call people to set up appointments. Some of them will say yes you'll be able to present and some of them will join your team. But that has to start with you calling people. So make yourself a wallpaper. Stop procrastinating. Pick up the phone and dial. Get back to it.

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