Three Challenges of Fundraising You Can Overcome

What causes you to dread this fundraising journey? There are many who experience anxiety at the idea of raising money.

These sticking points are costing you mental and emotional energy, time, and money. Here's how to overcome some of the most common time-wasting thoughts.

1 - Dreading Asking for Money

At the beginning of a fundraising journey, it's easy to start to panic as you reach the dreaded "ask” at the end of your meeting. Maybe you're familiar with the feeling: your stomach hurts and then you get completely overwhelmed, so maybe you shouldn’t ask for money at all.

There's no reason to struggle with making a clear and specific invitation to partner financially. Don't feel guilty asking for other people’s money, because you're not asking for yourself. So, why is it so terrible?  Why Is Asking For Money So Hard?!

Your problem could be bad perspective. Have you forgotten why you're asking for this money in the first place? Remember your purpose in asking for this money! What and whom are you going to impact with the money you're given?

You're not asking for yourself, you're asking for others' benefit. You plan to serve.

2 - Clearly Communicate Financial Partnership

Your financial meeting is about an opportunity to impact this world for the Kingdom together. The Lord has called you to raise finances from others in order to allow them to become a part of serving a people in need of the gospel. How to Connect Ministry with Funding for Genuine Partnership

What would happen if you didn’t ask for the money? What would happen to those people who need to know about the love of God for them? You don't have to live with that reality.

You need a team to join you on this mission. This problem is big enough for you to be willing to ask for money. You're asking on behalf of the people who need to hear the gospel. So, ask your friends, family, and even strangers to join with you and make an eternal impact together. Remind yourself that you're all in this together.

3 - The Mission "Plan"

You may not know exactly how it's all going to work out, but you know God is going to do a work with those you're serving. And you can begin to talk about the impact you aim to see in others’ lives. You're asking people to join you on this mission and to become a part of your confident, but potentially fuzzy plan to have an eternal impact on those you're serving.

Your willingness to ask for the money you need is motivated by the impact Christ alone can have on those in need; then, and only then, will asking for money became easier. 

Approach the "dreaded ask” as a true invitation to partner, with full confidence. You will increase your mental and emotional focus on your ministry, and your confidence in offering an opportunity to become a part of fulfilling the Great Commission along with you. If you can overcome these sticking points, you will not only make it to the field, but you can make it with a new attitude and a team of partners that God will use to immeasurablybless you and those you're serving .


Jodie Coher, Communication Specialist

With a passion for discipleship, it’s a true joy for my writing to be a small part of sending others to the mission field. I also enjoy interacting on social media and spending time with my small family in Missouri.

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