3 Tips to Send the Best Emails

If you’re like me, you want everything you write to be opened and read with great interest, the audience hanging on every word. However, in reality, your ministry emails go out and get skimmed over on a GREAT day! So, how do you take your emails from a dismal quick skim (when it gets opened) to a clearly interested audience?

1 - Don't Begin with an Apology

It's all too easy to begin your email with the line, "Sorry it's been so long since I've written..." so don't do that. You've just reminded everyone who reads the first lines of your email that it's been a long time, plus you've already begun talking about yourself. What You Could Be Missing By Letting Your Communication Slip

2 -  Talk About the People

Instead of an apology, begin with a story about the people your mission is serving. And this doesn't have to be only good and positive stories. Hopefully, you can share something emotionally raw that reveals the need for your ministry. Something that is a clear reminder of why you're in the mission field in the first place, the hopelessness and lack of joy seen in the people you interact with daily. Your Quick List: Write An Effective Newsletter

3 - Be Clear About Impact

You should be aware that you are writing in order to inform, inspire, and thank. Your email updates are an opportunity for you to give the credit for the impact in peoples' lives to others. When the Bible speaks of honoring one another above yourself, that should apply to your email communication as well as your mission mindset. 

The people who are reading your email are the same ones that allowed you to move to the mission field in the first place. They have made a difference impacting this people group with you, and you are all on mission together. Remind them of their great value in this place of mission, and you'll have an interested audience for your email; and even more importantly, a group of people committed to the mission together with you.


Jodie Coher, Communication Specialist

With a passion for discipleship, it’s a true joy for my writing to be a small part of sending others to the mission field. I also enjoy interacting on social media and spending time with my small family in Missouri.

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