The Blessing of Mundane Communication

Are you waiting for that big A-HA! moment before you send in a report to anyone? Has this caused you to sit back and send zero communication to your financial partners?

But really, you don’t need to have earth-shattering or mind-blowing updates. Your financial partners want to see you being faithful and presenting the hope of the gospel, just as you promised to do. This communication is mundane, and yet miraculous, all at the same time.

Here are three ways to communicate the blessing of the mundane:

1 - Communicate where you are seeing God move.

We all want to point to incredible, miraculous stories of healing and of 3,000 people coming to faith in one day, but the reality is that most of God’s movement happens in what seems mundane or ordinary.

Like, times where you pray for someone for the first time about their loneliness, times where you get to share part of what keeps you full of hope even when it looks like you should be hopeless, and times when you encourage a local pastor that keeps him inspired through the next Sunday. These things all matter. Communicate where you are seeing the Father work around you.

2 - Communicate frequently.

Because you are waiting for the miracle stories before you share something, you let months go by without a word. Instead, send a photo of a popular area where you serve and ask people to pray. Or, send an update of a conversation you just had that had a hint of gospel in it. You can post a video of an area of town you have been praying over for years and invite your partners to share in the impact  with you through prayer. What happens when you let your communication slip? Russell has a few thoughts.

It’s true that high communication + accurate information = trust in relationship. Convey what’s really going on, so your financial partners not only see the impact, but also trust your ministry.

3 - Communicate that it’s not about you!

There’s incredible news that you need to hear today, it’s not about you. How frequently do we forget that our financial partners are more interested in being a part of what God is doing, because they love us and are investing in us.

Remind yourself often of the truth in the gospel that it’s all about God’s Kingdom and that He is building His Church. We are co-laborers with Christ, but it’s really not about us. It’s not about how awesome you are, it’s about how much God is doing in and around you. Let’s remember that God uses the ordinary.

Focus on the hope of the gospel that is going on around you. It’s everyday things that allow us to connect and to understand one another. Those are the most important parts of communicating with your financial partners, not the large numbers, just the mundane.


Dustyn Burwell, Fundraising Coach

Serving in Dublin, Ireland with my family is a joy and I spend most of my time investing in ministry. When I’m not serving or coaching another missionary on fundraising, you can usually find me hanging out with family at one of the castles, relaxing near a beach, or having meals with friends.

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