Build Relationships to Build Partnerships

Hedemarrie works with an online Theological Master's program that equips Latin American pastors and leaders to teach the Bible. Because she administrates the classes from home, she had a very small network of friends. She also had never shared her ministry one on one, or invited an individual to consider financially partnering with her.

After receiving Tailored coaching, she decided to attend a church networking conference in her area. She made it her goal to try and meet 8 new people and share about the ministry with a brief "elevator speech". She then asked each pastor or church leader if they would want to learn more about the ministry. She ended up meeting 8 new contacts, and one of those church leaders gave her a first partnership gift of $1,000.

She learned that taking the initiative to build a relationship, get out of her "comfort zone" and simply share her passion for biblical education allowed her to begin building her partnership team.

Susie Berner

You can usually find me at the beach, swimming in the pool, or planting a garden and keeping my fingers crossed that something will grow. Coaching missionaries to catch a vision for the potential and privilege of building a financial partnership team is amazing. I love it when a missionary gains the confidence and determination to build a team, and then sends me an email when they are fully funded!


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