Communicate Your Passion to Your Donors

As part of Tailored coaching, we work hard together on the way you communicate your mission. This is such an integral, but often overlooked, step of fundraising that it requires some serious attention. 

And lately it seems as though multiple clients have been struggling with their communication. Together we'd spend at least 1 full session on it, but then when they presented it, it always fell flat. They knew it and I knew it. It felt like they were all missing the heart behind it.

So, I started asking this simple question, "why do you want to go?"

The answer I get to that is infinitely more compelling in 30ish seconds than a beautifully written message with all the right facts and information. A key to compelling communication is combining that raw passion, which is often the answer to "why do you want to go," with the structure of the messaging.

If you're able to find the balance between passion and structure while keeping your delivery honest, you'll find partners who want to give. Often, they won't be able to resist the opportunity to be a part of your passion in making a difference with you.


Emily Buikema, Fundraising Coach

To have the chance to breathe joy into asking for financial partnership, which can be alarming to so many, makes me honored to fill this role. I love my current home in Colorado, and I intend to hit (almost) every stereotype for the state’s residents: hiking, taking my two perfect dogs on walks by the river, driving my truck to the lake, and doing all of it with people I really like.

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