Connect Ministry with Funding for Genuine Partnership

Your fundraising journey is unique and unlike anyone else’s. Yet, you can often learn from others’ experiences in fundraising. We have a number of professional fundraising coaches, and they can offer some insight for you about challenges they’ve recently overcome with clients, and how you can overcome your similar challenges.

Take a look at the challenges Peter* faced.

Peter’s mission is to share the gospel with international college students. During holidays, the students need housing, so he finds families in the community who will host the students to help meet their practical needs like food and housing, and provide a loving family atmosphere.

Asking for Involvement and Asking for Money

The families were happy to begin partnering to provide housing, but the challenge came when he wasn’t sure how to share his financial needs and the needs of running the ministry with those host families.

Our coach steered Peter toward a solution to uncover the passion and genuine interest that each family had about the ministry. Peter discovered, through his coaching discussion, that a number of families were very eager learn about the culture and background of the international university students when they had them in their home. Even the family’s young children loved getting to know the students, and want to continue the relationship.

It was that personal connection between the host family and the college student, that could serve as the “springboard” toward future financial partnership.  

Once Peter realized this concept of directly connecting the impact of his ministry with his financial partners, he was much more confident to approach the host families and share his financial need. This is the single idea that could solve your long term funding problem.

Finding Your Involved Financial Partners

Peter and his coach dialogued about how he could explain his ministry to these families, and ask them for monthly financial partnership. He could begin inviting them to become a part of his ministry and allowing even more international students to "feel at home in the United States," learning about the Christian faith through their homes and the campus ministry.  

Realizing he had potential financial partners right there in the community, already involved in the ministry, was a breakthrough moment for Peter. But his greatest challenge was how to keep fundraising a priority while he was doing ministry. He knew he couldn’t balance both ministry and fundraising without the help of a Tailored coach to provide weekly accountability, and practical tools to help him reach his funding goals.

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*Name has been changed for privacy.

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