Develop Both A Vision and A Mission Statement

For me, there is a really important distinction between a vision statement and a mission statement. Please don't confuse the two. "What" we are doing is the mission statement. And the "why" is the vision statement.

A mission statement focuses on what I will be doing. Like, "My mission is to share the gospel with the lost and disciple others to do the same."

A vision statement, however, is focused on how the world will look different because of the mission. Like "My vision is to see Muslim young people turn from the faith of their fathers to the hope in the Heavenly Father!" A vision statement is futuristic and should not focused on myself. It should be a picture you see in your heart of the outside world.

Now, this is an important distinction to know because our vision is why we are doing this. It's what drives us. It's what motivates us. Furthermore, our vision is what will inspire people to join us, it's the motivator to make a difference in this world. Not necessarily our mission.

So go out into the world and dream. Dream big. Inspire others to dream and have a vision with you. 


Drew Foote, Fundraising Coach

Some call me eccentric, some call me passionate, and some call me just plain weird. I love getting to hear others' stories, experiencing real connection with others, and seeing what drives them really fascinates me. I am thrilled to be a coach for Tailored Fundraising Solutions. When I'm not at my computer, I'll most likely be playing on my guitar or training at a local martial arts dojo!

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