Get a Generous Response. Every. Single. Time. Part 2

The most effective way to invite someone to partner with your vision is always going to be through a face to face conversation. Finding the right setting is absolutely crucial to making the other person feel most comfortable and to getting an honest response.

The most important elements to keep in mind when creating the right setting for your ask will always be a comfortable space and a quiet, non-disruptive atmosphere. Finding an environment where the potential partner can feel relaxed and at ease immediately creates a setting where conversation can flow and honest questions can be asked. Your home or their home will always be ideal because of the comfort to speak candidly. However, if those options are unavailable, try to find a secluded location where you will not be interrupted easily.

You need to try to find a space that is focused and quiet so you will be able to discuss the partnership with little to no interference.

In my experience, and from what I have learned and picked up from others along the way, it doesn't matter what culture or country you find yourself in--talking about money is never the "right" thing to do. Nobody really talks about their money. Money is discussed in many ways in different cultures, but we rarely go around talking about how much we make or how much we give.

This is why the setting for your financial ask is so important. You are preparing to have a very unique, potentially challenging conversation. If you follow the guidelines above and choose to specify your environment, you will save yourself from a great deal of awkward experiences.

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