Gain Confidence for the Face to Face Ask

Afraid to sit down with people one on one? You're not alone. 

Some of what our coaches take the time to [teach/train] missionaries to do is the mechanics of a face to face meeting, asking for money from another person. This is an incredibly unknown situation for most people when they begin their fundraising journey. That's okay, it's why we're here to help you.

We've given you so many resources, most of them free, about how to make the ask, using networking to get more meetings, and even how to tell a story to catch someone's full attention. Use this valuable info and you also may begin to say, "I  am really surprised how much I enjoy meeting with people and connecting with them [one on one] to share about the work. I thought I would just want to do small groups to distance myself."

It's amazing what the Lord can do through this process. Beginning to have confidence in a face to face meeting is only the beginning!


Drew Foote, Fundraising Coach

Some call me eccentric, some call me passionate, and some call me just plain weird. I love getting to hear others' stories, experiencing real connection with others, and seeing what drives them really fascinates me. I am thrilled to be a coach for Tailored Fundraising Solutions. When I'm not at my computer, I'll most likely be playing on my guitar or training at a local martial arts dojo!

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