Fundraise on Social Media - Better

Our friends at Exile International are making a difference by restoring and empowering child survivors of war to become leaders for peace. We've been working with them for several years now. And they're killing it at fundraising!

They have a layered strategy and a passion for partnership.

The latest layer they are adding to their strategy is one of social advocacy. And I think it's fantastic. They're calling it Artists in Exile. And they are giving artists such as musicians, photographers, videographers, painters, etc. the opportunity to advocate for the children in Africa who have been rescued from child soldiering.

Exile International gives them tools and goals and structure. And I know it's going to be a big hit. If you're interested in using social media strategically, this is the way to do it - better.


Russell Cooper, Co-Founder

As co-founder of Tailored, I am dedicated to developing generosity in the Body of Christ. This is why I'm passionate about creating strategic partnerships with disciple-making organizations, as well as coaching leaders. When I have free time, I'm watching America’s Test Kitchen and trying out new recipes on my wife, my most dependable food critic.

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