Your Secret Weapon for Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is upon us! This year, it's November 28, 2017. As you give to others, it's a great time to maximize funding for your ministry.

Something I've seen work on multiple occasions is the power of a matching gift. Matching gifts are usually given by high-capacity donors. These gifts can be easily advertised through social media because #GivingTuesday has already created awareness for you.

When donors know their gift is being matched dollar for dollar, it creates a powerful sense of opportunity.

Not only does it create opportunity, it also creates a sense of urgency because matching gift moments don't come along all the time. Take advantage of #GivingTuesday by giving of yourself to others, and offering your financial partners a chance to give through gift matching.


Russell Cooper, Co-Founder

As co-founder of Tailored, I am dedicated to developing generosity in the Body of Christ. This is why I'm passionate about creating strategic partnerships with disciple-making organizations, as well as coaching leaders. When I have free time, I'm watching America’s Test Kitchen and trying out new recipes on my wife, my most dependable food critic.

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