How Not to Get Stuck on Uncomfortable Topics

When entering a time of fundraising, it's important to remember to be genuine. Be yourself, have easy conversations with the people sitting in front of you. Even though it sounds simple, sometimes you can still get stuck on an uncomfortable subject. 

For example, one client knew that the conversation was going to end up on the political trail because of comments that had been made on social media. Identifying this issue ahead of time was key to overcoming it. We prayed and realized that the real problem wasn't politics -- it was spiritual battle. 

At that point, we had an amazing discussion about how they could arm themselves for battle, which included making a plan. Together, we created a cheat sheet of verses and they actively engaged their prayer network.

The clients committed to lead the conversation to non-minefield topics, including time, family, and interests. We solved the problem by coming up with three non-minefield subjects they could ask good questions about, should the conversation take a political turn. 

What good topics have you turned to in an uncomfortable conversation? Tell us on Facebook.



Deb Evans, Fundraising Coach

Being a fundraising coach is exciting because I am able to meet with and help God’s ambassadors get to the field. Coaching also gives me the privilege of contributing to the Great Commission. When I’m not coaching or blogging, I’m surfing the web for new recipes to try on my family in Birmingham, AL. They are my Guinea pigs!

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