Keep Your Partners Updated Using a Facebook Business Page

Using some basic principles, Facebook can be an excellent method of authentic continued communication between you and your financial partners while you're serving on the field. There are no hard and fast rules to using social media -- it all depends on your audience. So, it's worth considering if a Facebook Business Page could serve you well to intentionally maintain open communication.

Is a Facebook Page right for you?

If you're serving in a closed country or a highly sensitive area, a Facebook Page is not for you. You cannot control who is and who isn't a part of your Page or who sees the information you post - it's public. However, on a Facebook Group, you can control who is in it and who isn't. So, for sensitive countries, that is the way to go for you.

Using a Facebook Page allows you to personalize every element, you can create your own url, you can easily have discussion and conversation around a post. It's basically a website hosted on Facebook, which makes long-term maintenance easy if you're already on social media.

The main reason difference to using a FB Page is that it allows you to track more. It gives you tools to make you more effective because you can be aware of interest and interaction on your Page; a Group doesn't give you those insights.

Ready to create a Facebook Page?

You can jump into a Facebook Page today. Just be ready to put in the work to maintain it for the benefit of your partnership relationships. You'll need to provide:

1- Variety in content

Be aware of posting different types of content to your Page. This can vary by posting links to articles, Facebook Live video, edited video of an interview of a new believer, cultural images of the country, exciting personal news of you or your family. The variety also comes by the tone of your posts; you can be encouraging on a great day, and really transparent on a hard day.

"Variety is the spice of social media!"

Purposely keep it varied so your partners don't get weary of your Page. A Facebook Business Page is the only medium that connects your financial partners not only to you but also to one another. Create discussions around a question or even a prayer request, being real with people will keep your Page fresh.

2- Frequency

How often to post is a great question no one can answer for you. This is where a Business Page could really help you. It gives you the added insight to know what people are watching, clicking on, reading, and what they're ignoring. If your Page is active, you could post daily. As you maintain, you may need to discipline yourself to be sure to post 3-4 times a week. 

3- Work

You're going to need to put in the work if you choose to create a FB Business Page. Spend the time and curate the page to be something you would want to go to. You'll want to be spending time to update your partners anyway and if you'd rather do it on social media than email, then this is a great solution for you.

Edit, edit, edit enough to keep it short, the "Keep Reading..." button is often the kiss of death on any Facebook post.

Still can't decide?

Facebook's own description comparing a Page versus a Group gives this example, "Say that you and your friends have a favorite celebrity or cause you want to rally around, but you are not the official representative of either. You can either become a fan of the official Facebook page for the celebrity or cause and show your support there or create your own group on Facebook around the common interest."


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