How to Meet for Coffee and Ask for Financial Partnership

Recently talked to a client who went to speak at her former college to a group of undergraduates. She did what I like to call, "The Starbucks Challenge."

She asked each of them to think about how many times per week they bought coffee at Starbucks and then challenged them to think differently. She asked, "Instead of getting coffee twice a week, you could invest that money into rescuing women from the bondage of sex trafficking. Would you consider partnering with me so that together, we can bring the hope, healing, and restoration of Christ's love offers to these women?"

One of the group partnered on the spot for $25 per month and two others indicated they're actively praying about it! Even college students can be financial partners when presented with the right opportunity to become part of an impactful ministry.


Deb Evans, Fundraising Coach

Being a fundraising coach is exciting because I am able to meet with and help God’s ambassadors get to the field. Coaching also gives me the privilege of contributing to the Great Commission. When I’m not coaching or blogging, I’m surfing the web for new recipes to try on my family in Birmingham, AL. They are my Guinea pigs!

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