Ministry Begins During Fundraising

Recently, I was reading through a journal I kept during my fundraising season and came across this note that I'm sure is a mixture of whoever was preaching that day and what God was doing in my heart.

"Fundraising doesn't get you to your ministry any more than growing spiritually gets you to God. God is already here. Ministry is already here. Wake up to it."

And I keep thinking about the picture of financial partnership development as a treasure hunt. The treasure is your partners and they're already out there, waiting to be found!

Some are out in plain sight shining bright for you to run right over to, others are buried deep where they've forgotten how special they are until you come along and dig them up. And others were previously out there shining bright, but time has passed and dirt has started to slowly bury them. Now, it's just a matter of circling back to that familiar spot and giving them a bit more attention.

God is already moving and stirring in people's hearts to be ready for something big. 


Jenny Karr, Director of Training & Coaching Services

My mission is to train, equip, and support people in ministry and as the Director of Training and Coaching Services, I get to do all of those things in one role! When I’m not coaching, training, or writing blogs, I’m enjoying time at home or in the city with my husband, daughter, and friends here in Nashville, TN.

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