Provide a Generous Moment

While sites like have allowed fundraising to have more mass appeal, there is still an element of awkwardness when meeting with people to ask for their money face to face. It can be all too easy to feel self-conscious and weird about asking for other people's money to fund something you believe in.

You Provide a Chance to Change the World

And that's where you can shift your thinking. You're not asking for someone to give to a mission you think is great and grand. You're asking for someone to give to something they believe in. There are many times each of us think we want to make a difference in this world, or even be a part of something amazing, impacting others' lives for the better. It's a dream!

When you fundraise as a missionary, you're saying that you're willing to serve others in order to make an impact in this world, hoping to build God's Kingdom. You're providing an opportunity for people to become a part of that and to be generous in a way they've only dreamt about so far.

So, get to know people, their dreams, and their desires. Share with them your dream and desire of impacting this world for the Kingdom, and share how they can be a part of that with you. 


Jodie Coher, Communication Specialist

With a passion for discipleship, it’s a true joy for my writing to be a small part of sending others to the mission field. I also enjoy interacting on social media and spending time with my small family in Missouri.

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