Pursue Community as a Missionary

Because you fundraise, you've been tasked with the amazing privilege and burden of building a partnership team, not just for your benefit, but also for your financial partners' benefit. The secret is: we all come alive in community!

Without the intentional pursuit of community, too many missionaries fall into isolation and loneliness, which leads to burnout. Or worse, isolation can turn to bitterness and become a misrepresentation of Christ's love to their neighbors and specifically those a missionary is called to minister to the most.

We all come alive in community!

God is a god of relationship. He exists in relationship with Jesus and in relationship with the Holy Spirit, and calls us to also live in community. What a blessing we have to build up the body of believers around a common goal of sharing the love of Christ with those around you.

As the missionary, it's not just your job to implement the ministry on the field. It's your job to continue the ministry of fundraising by regularly casting the vision, keeping everyone's focus on what God is doing, and reminding them that God is using each of them in this good work.


Jenny Karr, Director of Training & Coaching Services

My mission is to train, equip, and support people in ministry and as the Director of Training and Coaching Services, I get to do all of those things in one role! When I’m not coaching, training, or writing blogs, I’m enjoying time at home or in the city with my husband, daughter, and friends here in Nashville, TN.

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